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Test Center of Excellence

Centralize your projects' testing protocols, tools, and KPIs to effectively maintain and standardize quality control processes.

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If you have made different efforts to standardize and have a testing practice, but the following still happens:

There are areas of opportunity in the testing area's organization, structure and policies.

Isolated efforts are made to update the testing practice.

A robust structure is needed to meet current and future demand.

There are no standard testing methods, processes, or tools.

The product and performance of the quality control practice are not being assessed.

The team in charge of testing does not have the required specialization, as well as a career plan.

There are opportunities in the areas of compliance and continuous improvement.

Our Test Center of Excellence consulting solution will allow you to improve your practice and will serve as the guide to taking strong steps, a robust structure to meet demand, processes, standard testing methods, specialization and formalization in the discipline.


What does our solution include?

Our solution is based on 4 fundamental pillars that support three layers, as part of a model that we call MTC [Modern Testing Center], a next generation of what is known as TCoE [Test Center of Excellence].
All of this under an international maturity model [TMMi], which helps us meet the desired levels.


The solution consists of providing your organization with testing processes standards, continuous improvement and reutilization, formalizing a structure that considers test management, functions and test metrics, in addition to the prevention of errors and defects, implementing and aligning the layers and quadrants that constitute the MTC solution.

How do we do it?

Through an assessment, we determine the scope of the implementation of the Test Center of Excellence and offer a complete process, with the participation of our consultants, to generate a value proposal.

We form a team integrating your organization's main stakeholders and our consultants, leading them through the assessment, scope confirmation, implementation, and closure, to increase the project's odds of success.

Our solution assesses the current situation of the testing discipline, with the aim of adapting each quadrant according to its specific need, adhering to the TMMi framework, and putting our customer at the center.


What are the benefits for you?


Improved cost efficiency. By increasing the efficiency and speed of your projects, the delivery time is reduced and the quality of service increases.


Formalization of a career plan. We help to establish a career in testing, encouraging specialists to constantly prepare and find ways to increase their skill set, which in turn drives higher quality testing and better deliveries.

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Increased quality. We focus on reducing the risk of production failures and help deliver applications with a better user experience.


Quality culture. We standardize the performance of testing so that it is done in a unified way in your organization, regardless of project types.

Any questions?


We currently do not have testing efforts in my organization, are we eligible to implement a Test Center of Excellence?

Yes. Any organization is eligible for this solution. It is important to win the commitment and collaboration of the different stakeholders to make it successful

What is the estimated time to deploy a Test Center of Excellence in my organization?

To a large extent, it will depend on the results of the assessment and the areas of opportunity and improvements to be considered. Typically, we consider 4 to 6 months.

Would you help us bring test engineers into our organization?

Yes. As part of the solution, a talent attraction quadrant is considered in the Enablers layer.

According to the TMMi model on which this solution is based, what can be my level of maturity at the end of the project?

It will depend on the level at the start of the project. It is estimated that the increase of one level can take from 6 months to 1 year.

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Pursuing excellence is not an option

Transformations at the organizational level require high levels of execution and exceeding quality standards. A Center of Excellence can be integrated into any organization to monitor and standardize compliance with best practices.